Nusae Design: PT. Nusa Artha Estetika
Founded: 2013
Head Office Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.23, Tamansari, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40116

Nusae is a Bandung based creative graphic design, branding, and environmental design studio with diverse experience and an eye for details. It started in 2012 with 2 founders that came from different backgrounds, graphic designer Andi Rahmat and architect Dicky Sukmana. This difference from educational backgrounds continued throughout the years with our expanding team, allowing us to see what we do from different perspectives.

In each of our works, we strive to translate our client's values into simple and readable designs through the use of good typography, composition, and proportion. Along with our commercial projects, we found solace in experimenting and exploring possibilities in the field of design by doing non-profit and initiative works to further expand our horizon.

Selected clients: Allianz, Andramatin, A2 Architects, Angkasa Pura Il, Artemi, Adhikarya, Awlake, Ayana, Bahama, Banyan Tree, Bekraf, BDD, Biro Pers RI, BMKK, Bodypack, Brand Buffet, BSB, Carla, Czarre, CCIC, DIZA, Han Awal & Partners, Honda, Hp, Humming Bird, Hot Yo Studio, Hira, Intiland, Istana Group, Joso, Kartika Sari, KLI, Kemenkeu, Kementerian PUPR, Labo, Leo Burnett, Nuart, Ole Ole Bali, Panenmava, Pertamina, PSUD, Paragon, RiaMiranda, Studio Karya, Semen Indonesia, Studiodasar, Shau, Sawo Group, Studio Air Putih, Studiohiji, Studio Karya, Summarecon, Tanamera Coffee, Toto, Tentrem, TUBABA, UNPAR, Urbane, Peggy Hartanto, Waskita.


The environment that surrounds us consists of many elements that possess a certain influence toward one another. To create harmony within the environment, we formulize our design approach to serve a function of tuning those elements to be in unison. Only through that reciprocal relation of all the elements, the harmony within the environmental graphic design can be achieved. The comprehension of "Harmonizing Environmental Graphic Design" is reflected through our multifaceted processes of ideation, research, and design that move toward the desired result. We serve to be the consonant between design and the environment, because structures and orders are all around us, whether in a tangible or an abstract form. The way we observe and comprehend many details around us is deeply connected to how we work. Nusae believes in the contextual value of design integration towards its environment. That particular sensibility is essential to form the understanding towards structures and orders around us and how we respond to them through our designs.



Andi Rahmat is the founder and principal designer of Nusae, a design studio from Bandung, the capital city of West Java in Indonesia, that focuses on environmental graphics, design. and branding. He embarked on his career in 2006 by working as a graphic designer and art director for various design offices, agencies, and brands, he develops his methods and style until he eventually found his own characters and establish Nusae. Known for his strong sense of typography. and minimalist, functional design with a modern sensibility, he likes to work with a multidisciplinary approach, working alongside architects, product designers, and interior designers to create a holistic design.


Darindra Suraji (Design Manager & Chief), Yana Pratama (Head Designer), Diaz Gatra (Head Designer), Maria Goretti (Public Relations), Tisa Mizan (Project Manager), Anggarana (Head Spatial Designer),


Layang Kencana Award 2016
Pinasthika Award 2017
Layang Kencana Award 2017
Good Design Indonesia 2019
Good Design Award 2022


Size Does Matter Exhibition.
HP + ADGI Project 2014
Grafis Indonesia dalam Pusaran Desain Grafis Dunia oleh DGI 2015
Seek A Seek Graphic Design Festival 2017
Seeing Words Exhibition, Frankfurt Book Fair 2016
Mapping Happiness, Casa Indonesia 2017
Friends Next Door Seoul 2017
KECD International Poster Exhibition 2017
Tension KECD International Poster Exhibition 2018
Saturasi, You've Got One Notification 2018
Pressent: Jakarta Publications and Records Fair 2018
Forethought, Bandung Design Biennale 2019


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