Kumari is a coffee shop, under the Hummingbird Group, located at Jalan Bagusrangin 1 Bandung. The name itself means young girl in Sanskrit, which is related to feminine characteristics. Following the meaning, we develop its EGD and visual identity to convey feminine characteristics. The feminine identity becomes the idea for Kumari’s concept as a whole, serving a bake-and-brew coffee shop with a warm and welcoming ambiance. Kumari strives to deliver warmth through gentle service, implemented in warm-colored interiors, rounded-element visuals, and its operation standard.

Scope: Branding, Environmental Graphic, Creative Direction
Client: Hummingbird Group
Year: 2021
Team: Andi Rahmat (Art Director), Darindra Suraji (Creative Director), Yana Pratama, Diaz Gatra, Fajar Fadlilah (Designer) Anggarana, Ratno Rachman (Product), Lagam (Photo)*

*Non Nusae Staff